What we do

Core Services


The idea of the customer is developed and carefully studied to get steel structures of maximum functional and aesthetic value, whether it is an industrial building, a prefabricated metal, a steel bridge, or spatial network structures.


The technical office directly provides to compile the structural calculations related to the executive sketches, highly using specialized technicians in the field.


The constructive elaborates are subsequently developed with the layout of the sketches of shop and lists of workmanship through the use of fit hardware and application software.

Additional services


The assemblage is an additional service that TECNOSTRUTTURE makes available to the Customer.
This is a performance that many don’t offer, because the difficult realization implies specialized competences and a huge availability of means: numerous teams of assemblage, means of lifting, material for the safety, means of transport for material and personnel. All to amplify at the most the satisfaction of our customers.

A scrupulous assistance is offered to the Costumers

Consulting and technical assistance

A scrupulous assistance is offered to the Customers and the Planners since the first phases of development of the work to realize.
Customers are relieved by the bureaucratic burdens related to the presentation of the practices to the various competent corporate body (Civil Genius, Vigilant of the Fire etc.), directly managed by TECNOSTRUTTURE.